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Blackground Agency

We are inspiring people in business + career development

Our work is driven by..

The need to connect people exploring new career and professional paths to create more equity in business.

Join our digital community to discover curated career and business playbooks, grant info, job boards and so much more.

Group Work Session

Blackground Agency Services

We provide talent, recruitment and career transition resources to systemically under invested universities, diverse business groups and historically Black & Indigenous communities.

For Businesses & Organizations

Talent, Access & Equity Consulting

Placemaking in corporate & business spaces

We help organizations create more equitable processes to not just attract, but also retain top talent.

Our work helps employers identify systemic inequities, gaps, biases
and vulnerabilities in retention practices to invest in people.

We help people who are transitioning (in education, career, society, etc.) FLOURISH with community, support & resources.

Event, Market,
Expo & Trade Show Production

Supporting ownership + entrepreneurship

We execute shows that help to close business development & cultural gaps to entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, etc.

We're helping to build more connected communities through shared resources, grants and our very own LBB!

Planning Corporate Activations,
Programs, Shows & Summits

We make memorable experiences happen

We help you plan GOOD TIMES for both small + large scale conferences, celebrations, launches and more.

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